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OOF, doesn’t that image makes you feel a little overwhelmed?  So many ways to connect with people these days. We’ve made it easy for you to connect with us so we can start making your complex simpler. 

You can either fill in this short query form (which gets straight down to business)

OR you can just old school email us … but – be sure to tell us who you are, what your position is in your organisation and what you believe is the core problem you are facing right now.


Hey there! We love to talk about how we see things and how we solve problems at unplex. Our blog posts are a bit different – they might be a bit long, but we swear you’ll learn something cool. If you’re into unconventional stuff and want to receive some handy resources, blog posts, and ads for our courses, click that subscribe button!.

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So we can make sure we are the right people to help you and you have the best chance of success working alongside us, please answer the following quick questions

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