About Unplex

About Unplex

Unplex was started in 2020 to help health and social care organisations like yours to simplify and re-route complex workforce and service delivery roadblocks that might be standing in the way of your ability to deliver great care to your clients and ensure your workforce is thriving.

It was born out of a mash up of CEO and Founder, Dr Anna Moran’s passions for logic and systems; pursuit of efficiency in the way health and disability services are organised and delivered; and wanting to see more people with health and disability needs access the care they need when they need it.

What we stand for

Our Vision

To ensure organisations have a roadmap to providing the best possible support and care to their clients from a well-supported, skilled, and satisfied workforce. 

Our Mission

Every health and disability organisation has a workforce and service delivery strategy that is centred around the needs of their individual clients and staff members.

Our Values

We work with you to ensure you achieve your vision and enact your values.

We are creative, fun, evidence based and show grit to understand your problems and find your solutions.

We seek simple answers to your problems to make sure solutions work for you.

Anna Moran PhD

Dr Anna Moran, CEO and Founder

Anna is a health workforce and service redesign expert, business owner, occasional physio, mum of 4 and aspiring Zumba dancer. Unplex was born out of a fusion of Anna’s experience, quirks and true passion.

Managing a family of 6 and two small businesses, Anna thrives in complexity. 

Stemming from almost 20 years’ experience as a clinician, private practice owner, health services researcher, evidence translator, facilitator, rural health advocate, mentor and project manager, Anna has developed a passion for and expertise in looking at problems differently and helping others to see their problems differently too.

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Lauren Biddell, Office Wizard

Lauren is an office support whiz who enjoys getting into the nitty gritty in the background so that Anna can focus on what’s truly important, her clients! Lauren’s brain loves to work through complex problems and find solutions, and her passion for data and thinking outside the box makes her a great fit for the Unplex team!

If Lauren isn’t in the Unplex space, she is working on her small business and uploading book reviews on YouTube. Lauren always has several books on the go, and if she isn’t reading, she is writing letters to pen pals around the world or playing board games with her three unfairly tall children and insanely tall partner (yes, she is considering carrying around a step ladder at all times).

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